Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day out at Gangani (Gongoni) - The "Grand" Canyon of Bengal

Whenever we think or say about the word “Canyon”, first, the name of Arizona, USA comes in our mind. Even in the geography book, we read the name of Arizona as an example of canyon. Some wanderlust also knows the name of Mahabaleswar.

But as I always say that our state – West Bengal is so blessed by the nature, it has a lot of hidden treasure in its natural treasury. Gangani (or Gongoni) is one of them. Where the Shilabati River flowing through a 70ft-deep gorge and the adjoining places taking the form of different shapes and figures because of erosion.

Located at Garhbeda village of Medinipur district, Gangani can be reached by various ways:
  1. Train to Garhbeta followed by cycle rickshaw

  2. Kolkata – NH6 – Bagnan – Uluberia – Kolaghat – Karagpur – NH60 – Godapiasal – Salboni– Garhbeta

  3. Kolkata – NH2 – Tarakeswar – Arambagh – Chandrakona Road - Garhbeta
I took the option 3. One fine morning, my friend Sumanta drove us to Gangani. It was a hot and humid sunny day of August but the sky was a bit dusky and due to the blow of scorching sun, almost nobody was there.