Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dreamy weekend at Takdah

I had a dream from my young age about enjoying a week end by staying in a British bungalow that must be located in a hill station. Every morning I would open the window and Snowy Mountain would bless me. Right from my childhood days I have a bad reputation of over dreaming. I added more spices in that dream like that bungalow must have a lawn where I could sit with coffee on a deck chair and sunrays would make me warm in the cold morning. Since I am a reader of British literature, it was expected that the fire places would make my evening and night cozy.

When my friend Avra told me about going at Takdah in late December, prima facie, I nodded my head as hill station is my favorite most vacation place. But till that time I did not know much about Takdah. It is my habit to study a lot about any place before going there, same practice drove me to acquire knowledge about Takdah and I found there is a British bungalow - Saino Heritage Guest House. I requested Avra to book that bungalow. Avra smiled and said that he had already booked that one. I thanked him a lot.

Saino Guest House - Takdah
Located at Kalimpong sub division, Takdah can be reached by two ways – either from Hill Cart Road (Siliguri-Kurseong-Ghum) or from Teesta Bazar. We took the first option as we were coming from Dhotrey. One can go from Darjeeling also.