Saturday, July 19, 2014

Root opening trek to Hampta Circuit

Hampta Circuit is a virgin trek route in Himachal Pradesh. Although Hampta pass is a known route for trekking but Hampta Circuit has not been explored by any Indian common people. However, porters, army and some foreigner have trekked through this route. On 2014, our team (consisting of 6 members) lead by Mr. Indranil Kar (CEO of Ongoz Escapeds) opened the route for rest of the year.

A heavenly valley between Kharmandari and Chikka

Planning of the trek:

Earlier trekking meant only Alpine style where the trekkers had to carry their luggage, ration, kitchen utensils with them and the trekking were extremely technical, tough and hectic for common people.  But some British lords who wanted to celebrate their holidays by trekking took servants, porters, cook with them. Still there are some organizations who arrange only alpine trek. Mr. Indranil Kar thinks it in different way; he arranges everything for the trekker so that the trekker can trek only with his camera. The entire luggage is carried by the porter and mules. So the trekkers just walk and enjoy the nature, capture photographs and the entire trek becomes lords’ holiday.