Sunday, April 15, 2018

Singapore Travel Guide with Tips and Tricks

Though it was my first abroad trip but I really could not visit more. It was a business trip where my company Tata Consultancy Services sent me with a business visa for 28 days. The entire four weeks span was too hectic as the entire team had to go to office even in Saturday. I got only four  Sundays to see the beauty of Singapore.

Travelling by feet and MRT (city railway) are the good options for Singapore. The city/ country is extremely safe and nocturnal by nature. More the time goes to night the city gets more brighter. Though the city is a bit expensive but here I would like to suggest you to enjoy the city or the country in a nominal cost with some tips to avoid harassment.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Idmad ud doulah - The baby Taj of Agra

Walking along the history of Mughal Era, we find a sharp declination between the monarchy of Akbar and Shah Jahan. The fourth Mughal King Jahangir, preceded by the Akbar the Great and succeeded by Shah could not justify the crown. Even this era did not gift any big monument like his father and son. Actually Jahangir was not so fond of architecture. He only completed Sikandra, the mausoleum of Akbar but the planning and patronage of Sikandra was done by Akbar himself.

Mausoleum of Imad ud Doulah

Sunday, March 18, 2018

What to experience in Humayun’s Tomb Complex

Still I get astonished why people pop out with the name of Qutab Minar, Laal Qilla, India Gate, Lotus Temple and Akshardhaam Temple if they are asked about five monuments of Delhi!!! But never keep Humayun’s Tomb in their itinerary.

Humayun's Tomb
Trust me, in spite of visiting at least five times still I manage to be at Humayun’s tomb at least for couple of hours even I visit Delhi for 2 days. The architectural excellence and more over the serenity of the place attracts me every time. This structure seems like a veteran saint to whom you can not go for any material desire instead for philosophical wish and mental peace.
Humayun’s tomb is the first architecture constructed during the great Mughal emperor Akbar’s regime. Or we can say, this mausoleum is the first remarkable structure built in the great Mughal Era. Though Babur, the first Mughal King built 4 mosques in his time but from architectural point of view, Humayun’s Tomb is the precursor of Charbagh (four gardens) Mughal Architectures like Taj Mahal.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A dozen of reasons to keep Amritsar in your bucket list

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If you ask anybody about Amritsar they will reply with the name of Golden Temple within a moment. There is no doubt that Golden Temple or Harimandir Sahib is the main attraction of this city but apart from this iconic temple, a traveler has many things to explore while s/he is in Amritsar.

Golden Temple at night
Sikhism were founded with the concept of “seva” (free service) and enriched by the mixture of the good sign of all the religion. So, Sikhism consists of the best of the bests. People of Sikh community are usually very jovial, lively and friendly in nature. Their practice and the religion capital of Sikhism reflects their nature very prominently. They have exciting cuisine, colorful garments. So there religion capital should fulfill a traveler's desire.

I feel to give you a comprehensive detail about Amritsar so that you can get an idea before making your itinerary. Two days are enough to explore Amritsar.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Experiences achieved in Gorgeous Golden Temple (Harimandir Sahib)

Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) is the first pilgrimage site built for Sikhs by Guru Arjan, fifth Sikh Guru. Gurudwara, the main temple is made of gold and houses the holy “Guru Granth Sahib” – the holy book of Sikhs. Gold is the symbol of purity. Sikhism was founded after a movement led by Guru Nanak where people from all the other religion came and formed it. They were disappointed with their own religion and joined together to make a better system. These people wrote the book under the supervision of Guru Nanaka after huge discussion among them about the good practice of all religions. This is the reason Granth Sahib is the book that consists of best of the best principle to follow. So, in other words Golden Temple symbolises the cultural richness of Sikh religion.

Golden Temple (Harimandir Sahib)
The temple area is one square kilometer in size and the main temple is centrally located inside a sarovar (pond). There is a bridge between the temple and the main sanctum.